Over 40 years designing Steel pouring valve systems. Valve designs, hydraulic cylinders and systems, Automatic control systems. Specialty equipment designs. Robot grippers.


Jigs, fixtures, press tooling, turning, milling, grinding, broaching, forming, sand casting, investment casting, refractory pressing, curing ovens, robots hydraulic forming press design, refractory press design and upgrades.


Named inventor on 33 US Patents and over 200 corresponding foreign patents. Have participated in Patent infringement Litigation. Offer a ½ day seminar for things engineers and managers need to know about identifying what is inventive subject matter, the patent  process, what to say or not to say in the event of believed infringement of a Patent.

1. 4,275,825 Clamp-on tube holder and method

2. 4,313,596 Shroud support and method for shroud engagement with teeming valve

3. 4,381,102 Shroud support and method for shroud engagement with teeming valve

4. 4,415,103 Full throttle valve and method of tube and gate change

5. 4,474,362 Valve and method and components thereof

6. 4,545,406 Valve position indicator and method

7. 4,545,512 Full throttle valve and method of tube and gate change

8. 4,570,908 Furnace valve

9. 4,582,232 Valve, clamp, refractory and method

10. 4,602,729 Stationary plate and well nozzle for use in a sliding gate valve

11. 4,603,842 Method of sliding gate valve operation

12. 4,667,937 Heat shield for sliding gate valve

13. 4,667,938 Rocker arm/spring assembly

14. 4,693,296 Composite break ring for continuous casting

15. 4,715,423 Composite break ring method

16. 4,738,380 Self-adjusting refractory joint

17. 4,771,992 Multi-hole injection valve

18. 4,789,085 Slide gate for a sliding gate valve

19. 4,799,649 Injection valve components and method

20. 4,824,079 Injection valve components and method

21. 4,892,235 Joint and shroud support for pour tube and collector nozzle

22. 4,919,397 Stationary injection block and injection slide plate for use with an injection valve

23. 4,951,851 Tube holder and method

24. 5,037,072 Injection block and method

25. 5,044,533 Clamp for bandless refractory and method

26. 5,050,847 Staged valve multi-hole injection block and method

27. 5,052,598 Sliding gate valve method and replaceable retractories

28. 5,062,553 Cantilever spring mount for sliding gate valve and method

29. 5,174,908 Non-reversible sliding gate, valve and method

30. 5,188,743   Plate, changer, plate and method

31. 5,259,592  Leaf spring valve and method

32. 5,626,164 Crack resistant valve plate assembly for a molten metal slide gate valve

33. 5,819,844  Beaver-tail tube assembly and tube changing method

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