This is the 1952 19’ Racing Runabout at ½ scale. THIS IS NOT A SET OF PAPER PLANS. The boat is 9’-5” long, has a 3’-13/16” beam, and is 1’-5 7/8” from the top of the foredeck to the bottom of the keel. These are plan files as full size .pdf files. There are 10 sheets of full size CAD plans in .pdf format. Sheet 1 shows the complete plan and elevation views in ¼ scale (half of the size of the model). Six of the sheets are 24” X 66”, two of the sheets are 36” X 72”, one sheet is 36” X 65”, and one sheet is 36” X 66”. The .pdf files can be printed full size at most quick copy shops. They can be imported into some CAD programs and plotted full size. This is not an old set of plans that have been blown-up. This is all the information needed to build a beautiful very large scale model. Shipping is FREE! The files will be delivered to your inbox. I will accept only PayPal.

A set of .dxf files of the frames and keel is available for $8.00 for CNC cutting. This boat is NOT for high power or high speed. Do not use more than 2 HP to power the boat. $19.95