B25 C

A laser cut profile scale kit of the B25 C Mitchell at 1/16 scale. The airplane has a 50 11/16” wingspan and 340 square inches of wing area. It is designed for twin .061 to .09 engines. The airplane is true scale. The fuselage has a ½” core with 1/32 ply and balsa skins. The nacelles have 3/8” cores with 1/32 ply skins. The horizontal stabilizer and the elevators have 3/16 cores with 1/32 balsa skins. The wings are sheeted with 1/32 balsa. The kit comes with CAD plans with full size templates of all the parts. The kit does not contain any control system parts.  Panel line .pdf files at 1/16 scale are available for $15.00 for those who want to compete in profile scale with the airplane.


Span: 50.68″

Area: 340

Engine: .TWIN .061 – .09

Price: $178.60

Type: Profile Scale