Beginners Ringmaster Bipe Laser Cut C/L Kit

 This is a laser cut kit for the Beginners Ringmaster. The Sterling Beginners Ringmaster Bipe was Kit S32. This is NOT a Sterling kit. The airplane has a 20 3/4 inch wingspan and 103 square inches of wing area. The wings are 1/8” thick solid balsa assemblys. The solid wings give a more crash resistant or more easily repaired airplane than built-up wings. The airplane is designed for a Cox Babe Bee or a Cox Surestart engine. New Surestart engines are available from Cox International. The use of a Surestart engine requires a Perfect #1 fuel tank, or a Brodak #BH501 fuel tank.

The kit includes a ¼” balsa fuselage and a pair of ¼” balsa engine mount gussets, a 3/32” balsa horizontal stabilizer, elevator, vertical stabilizer, and rudder, an 1/8” balsa wing and two 1/8” balsa trailing edge pieces, an 1/8” aircraft plywood engine mount, a 1/16 plywood leadout guide, a hardwood button bellcrank mount, a bellcrank and control horn, pushrod wire, and formed landing gear. The kit comes with full size CAD plans with all parts shown full size. The kit does not include wheels or an engine. This is not a kit to collect, it is to build and fly and be a kid again.


Span: 20.75″

Area: 103

Engine: .049

Price: $50.95

Type: Profile