CHRIS CRAFT 1952 Racing Runabout 57 Inch CAD Plans

This is a set of full size .pdf CAD plan files for the CHRIS CRAFT 1952 Racing Runabout at 3″=1′.  The plans have all stations at full size, and full size views and sections. A beautiful boat can be built from these plans. The finished boat is 56 5/8″ long with an 18 11/16″ beam. This is not an old set of plans that have been blown-up. The stations and keel give a boat with symmetrical lines and smooth flowing curves.The plans can be printed at any copy shop with a large format printer, the files will print out as 4 sheets 24″ x 64″. If you want to build a large classic speed boat, these are for you.

A .dxf file of the frames is available for $6.00 for CNC router cutting the stations.

Length: 56 5/8″
Beam:   18 11/16″
Price:    $12