Dehavilland DH 88 Comet

This twin is for a pair of .15 engines. It has a 60” wingspan and 467 square inches of wing area. The kit is laser cut and the CAD plans have all parts shown full size. The kit is available as a Competition Profile Scale airplane for national level contests. The DH 88 Comet is probably the prettiest twin engine airplane ever built. The Grosvenor House  G-ACSS won the Mac Robertson Air Race from Mildenhall Airdrome in the UK to Melbourne Australia. There were three of the original Comets built for the race. The Grosvenor House was the Winner of the race, G-ACSR was fourth. The Black Magic G-ACSP did not finish the race. The Comets were designed to be racers, they were fast for their small engines, but were definitely were not commercially viable as passenger aircraft.


Span: 60″

Area: 467

Engine: TWIN .10 – .19

Price: $198.38

Type: Profile