A 1 1/4″ to the foot profile scale F 82 Twin Mustang. The airplane is for twin .25 to .40 engines. The airplane has a 64 5/16″ wing span, 654 square inches. It is 48 3/4″ long from the tip of the spinners to the end of the rudders. It is 17 3/4″ tall from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the vertical stabilizer. The only non-scale parts of this airplane are the airfoil and the flap on the trailing edge of the wing center section The wing is symmetrical airfoil. These plans include three sheets 36 x 66 and one sheet 24 X 48 with full size templates of all parts. The plans are perfect new plots of the files, and show all parts full size. If you want a different profile scale subject this is for you. If you use engines with 4 bolt front cases, you can even fly it with contra-rotating props. Panel line drawings at this scale are available for an additional $20.00 .


Span: 63.3″

Area: 645

Engine: .TWIN .20 – .40

Price: $285.66

Type: Profile Scale