F4U Corsair

A 54″ wingspan 536 square inch laser cut profile scale F4U Corsair. The airplane has the standard Corsair bent gull wing. The bellcrank is mounted through the fuselage on a pin. The rib profile is symmetrical. The airplane does not have flaps. The airplane can compete in profile scale or be a great sport flier. With a good 45 the airplane should be capable of level flight, inverted flight, inside loops, outside loops, figure “8”, wingovers, etc. The main gear are mounted in the wing. The leadouts do not go through the wing. The scale shape wing has 20 degrees of anhedral on each side in the first panels near the fuselage. It then bends around to end up with 9 degrees dihedral on a side. The airplane can be supplied with asymmetrical ribs for national level Profile Scale competition. All laser cut parts, the CAD plans show all parts full size.


Span: 54″

Area: 536

Engine: .45 – .53

Price: $231.50

Type: Profile