A 54” wingspan  575 square inch, full fuselage Grumman F8F Bearcat. The airplane is designed as a sport scale airplane. The plans show the shape of the elevator to give a scale shape airplane. The wing is sheeted with 1/16 balsa, the fuselage is strip planked with 3/32 balsa. This is a .45 to .60 size airplane, do not try to fly it with an old weak .45. It will be great with a newer .50 to .60 engine.  The airplane will be able to stunt, but will not be an airplane for flying a pattern in competition. It will be a fun sport flier, or a Sport Scale competitor. The kit  can be supplied to be used in National level Scale competition. The laser cut kit comes with full size CAD plans with templates for all the parts. The kit does not contain any control system hardware or a canopy. The builder will have to cut the planking strips from the sheet wood supplied in the kit.


Span: 54″

Area: 575

Engine: .45 – 60

Price: $271.17

Type: Builtup