Flying Fool Laser Cut Kit

This is a modern, laser cut kit for the Flying Fool. The original airplane was Sterling kit S12. The kit comes with all laser cut parts to build the airplane you see in the picture. The CAD plans have full size templates of all the parts. It has a 34” wingspan and 295 square inch wing area. The airplane is a good platform for a .15 to .25 engine. A .35 is actually too much engine for the airplane. The kit contains all the laser cut parts and stick/sheet wood to build the airplane including partially formed leading edges. It also contains a 3” bellcrank, a control horn, 1/8 music wire for the landing gear, landing gear J-bolts, and 3/32 music wire for the pushrod. This is a kit to build and fly, it is not a collectors kit.


Span: 34″

Area: 295

Engine: .15 -.25

Price: $133.63

Type: Built-up Biplane