Stillwater Boat Company 22’ Gentleman’s Runabout V20 66 inch CAD Plans

This is a set of plans for quarter scale Stillwater 22’ Gentleman’s Runabout V20. It is an original design for Stillwater Boat Company, it is not a Chris Craft, Hacker Craft, Gar Wood, or Stancraft boat.  The original design was based on the forward portion of a 1952 Chris Craft 19’ Racing Runabout. That boat is flat bottomed to give the best speed with the 6 cylinder engines used at the time. That makes for a rough ride. This hull now has a 20 degree deadrise for a better ride. With a 5.7 liter V8 the full size boat will carry, speed will not be a problem with the 20 degree Vee bottom. The 19’ Racing Runabout has very little freeboard, that makes it a rather wet boat in any kind of wave action. This design has had the freeboard increased to give a dryer interior. The model is 65.9” long with an 18.67” beam. The plans are 5 sheets of full size CAD plots, 4 sheets 24 X 68 and 1 sheet 24 X 64, with all frames and keel templates at full size. Template files in .dxf are available for $6.00 to have parts laser cut or cut with a CNC router. These plans will allow you to build a large model of a classic wooden boat design.

Steven Gray owns Stillwater Boat Company. He is a retired Army helicopter pilot who builds and restores classic wooden boats. If you are interested in a full-scale version of this boat contact Steven at:

If you want to build a LARGE classic speedboat, these are for you.

Length: 65.9″
Beam:   18.67″
Price:     $17