Stillwater Boats Gentleman’s Runabout – 1/8 Scale

The 1/8 scale Stillwater 22’ Gentleman’s Runabout is an original design for Stillwater Boats. It is not a Chris Craft, Hacker Craft, Gar Wood, or Stancraft boat.  The model is 33” long with an 9.33” beam. The plans are 2 sheets of full size CAD plots with all frames and keel templates at full size, 1 sheet 24 X 34 and 1 sheet 24 X 52. Template files in .dxf are available fo $5.00 to have parts laser cut or cut with a CNC router. These plans will allow you to build a model of a custom designed classic wooden boat. Dumas has 1/8 scale deck hardware for sale.

The full scale boat was designed for Stillwater Boats. Steven Gray owns Stillwater Boats. He is a retired Army helicopter pilot who builds and restores classic wooden boats. If you are interested in a full-scale version of this boat contact Steven at:

Length: 33″
Beam:   9.33″
Price:     $12