Macci Castoldi 202 Comp

This model of the Italian warbird is a Profile Scale airplane at 1.67” = 1’ for .40 to .53 engines.  The airplane has a 58” wingspan and 548 square inches of wing area. It has wing mounted gear, adjustable leadouts, and a weightbox. The wing, other than the tips, is fully sheeted. The doublers are 1/16 ply, they are flush with the fuselage side sheeting. The airplane is designed for national class profile scale competition. All the balsa is contest grade wood. If you want a warbird that you don’t see every weekend, this one is for you. The laser cut kits have CAD plans with full size templates of all parts. The kits do not contain any control system hardware.


Span: 58″

Area: 548

Engine: .45 – .60

Price: $257.95

Type: Profile Scale