Micro Ringmaster Bipe – Do you like Biplanes ? Do you like Ringmasters? Would you like to fly control line with a Cox .010? Then this kit is for you. It includes all wooden parts to build the 10 ” wingspan “MICRORINGMASTER BIPE”. It comes with an 11” X 17” set of full size CAD plans, and instructions. All of the balsa and aircraft plywood parts are perfect laser cuts, the 3/8” hardwood button for the bellcrank mount is included. The kit includes: the bellcrank ,control horn, and ply wheels, #2 Socket Head sheet metal screws for engine and bellcrank mounting, it contains #2 flat washers for bellcrank mounting. It does not contain: the pushrod, leadout wires, landing gear, or the engine. The finished airplane picture is for reference only. This is an original kit, of my design, it is not made by Sterling or Estes. The finished airplane weighs 1.3 oz. This weight includes the 2 pennies needed to balance the airplane. For the prototype, I cut two pennies in half and glued one of the halves on the inboard side of the fuselage under the horizontal stabilizer, and 3 halves on the outboard side of the fuselage under the horizontal stabilizer.


Span: 10.0/ 7.7″

Area: 23.9

Engine: .010

Price: $34.39

Type: Profile