Micro Ringmaster Stunter

Would you like to fly control line stunt with a Cox .010? Do you like Ringmasters? Then this kit is for you. This is a 41% scale version of the S1 “Ringmaster”. It includes all wooden parts to build the 17 ¼” wingspan Micro Ringmaster Stunter. The airplane has 53 ½ square inches of wing area. It comes with a 24” X 36” set of full size CAD plans. The plans show all parts full size.  All of the balsa and aircraft plywood parts are perfect laser cuts. The kit includes: the bellcrank, control horn, pushrod wire, and landing gear wire. It does not contain: the leadout wires, or the engine. This is an original kit, of my design, it is not made by Sterling or Estes.


Span: 17 1/4″

Area: 53.5

Engine: ..010

Price: $38.41

Type: Profile