MISS AMERICA I Stepped Hydroplane Scale CAD Plans

A set of 1/8th scale CAD plans of the Miss America I stepped hydroplane. The plans consist of 3 full size .pdf files that can be printed at any copy shop with a large format printer. The model is 39.75 inches long with a 12 inch beam. The plans consist of 3 sheets 24 X 43. This model matches the available photographs of the original boat. The frames and stem give a boat with symmetrical lines and smooth flowing curves. The plans include full size templates of the frames, deck frames, and the stem. The model can be built on top of the full size plans.

With the famous Gar Wood at the helm Miss America I set a world speed record of 77.85 miles per hour on September 15th 1920 and later won the Harmsworth Trophy. Miss America I was designed and built by Gar Wood and Chris Smith (later of Chris Craft fame). She was 26 feet 5 inches long and carried a pair of Packard built Liberty aircraft engines. Each of the engines produced 500 horsepower for a total of 1000 horsepower. If you want to make a model of an early, historic stepped hydroplane you will love these plans. A .dxf file of the keel and frames is available for $5.00 for CNC cutting.

Length: 39.75″
Beam:   12″
Price:     $9