The Ringmaster 150E is a 26 ¼” wingspan, 150 square inch wing area airplane for Electric power or Cox TD.049/.051 engines. The airplane is S1 Ringmaster shaped with a minimum of modifications required to build it as an electric or fuel powered airplane. The kit consists of laser cut parts with all stick wood necessary to complete the airplane. It includes hardwood engine mounts, wire for the landing gear and pushrod, bellcrank and control horn, partially formed leading edge, landing gear straps and bolts, and all the parts and hardware for a weight box. The design requirements for the electric powered version were provided by John “Electro Bro” Cralley. The kit comes with 2 sets of full size plans, one for electric and one for fuel powered. There are excellent airplanes available for the modern .061 engines; this is one for your Cox TD or Medallion engines, or a good way to get into electric C/L flight.


Span: 26 1/4″

Area: 150

Engine: .049

Price: $59.57

Type: Profile