Ringmaster 2X

This is an 84 wingspan, 1536 square inch Ringmaster. The airplane is for .90 to 1.20 size engines. It is a twice scale Ringmaster with a better wing than the original Ringmaster. The wing is based on an Eppler airfoil, it is 3 21/64 thick at the spar. The airplane has adjustable leadouts and a weightbox. The plans are CAD plots with all parts shown full size. The kits contain all of the laser cut parts, the flat wood, and the wire and clamps for the landing gear. The kits do not include any control system hardware. The first picture shows the airplane with John Stiles the builder of the model.


Span: 84″

Area: 1536

Engine: .90 – 1.20

Price: $333.27

Type: Profile