RINGMASTER Jr. Flash Laser Cut C/L Kit

This is a modern, laser cut kit for the Ringmaster Jr. Flash. This airplane has the same shape and major dimensions as the Sterling S 29 kit. It has a 30” wingspan and 196 square inch wing area. The airplane is a good platform for a .09 to .15 engine. A .19 engine is really too much engine for the airplane. It differs from the Sterling kit in that the wing construction is different and the wing is thicker. The wing is stronger than the Sterling wing, and it is lighter. The kit comes with two sheets of CAD plan sheets with full size templates of the airplane and all parts. The kit contains all the laser cut parts and stick/sheet wood to build the airplane including a partially formed leading edge. It also contains a 3” bellcrank, a control horn, 3/32 music wire for the landing gear, landing gear straps, 5/64 music wire for the pushrod, a canopy, and all parts and hardware for a weight box. This is a kit to build and fly, it is not a collectors kit. Purchase of this kit qualifies the buyer for free membership in the Brotherhood of the Ring.


Span: 30″

Area: 196

Engine: .09 – .15

Price: $90.62

Type: Built-up