Ringmaster X-Wing

The Ringmaster X-Wing is a 60 size biplane that is not a traditional biplane. The airplane has a 49.65ā€ wingspan and 936 square inches of wing area. It has adjustable leadouts, a weight box, and a cutout through the fuselage for a 5 oz. tank. The airplane has a cowl cheek mounted to the inside of the circle. The airplane has a ā€œVā€ tail. The plans show an optional conventional tail. The vertical stabilizer is not included in the kit. The kit is laser cut with 3 sheets of CAD plans. The plans show all parts full size. The kits do not have any control system hardware. You will not see another one of these every time you turn around.


Span: 49 5/8″

Area:Ā 936

Engine: .60-.75

Price: $308.20

Type: Profile