Super Ringmaster 45

A 45 size Super Ringmaster with updated airfoil, improved wing construction, CAD plans with templates of all parts at full size, and laser cutting. The kits include Aluminum landing gear, they do not include any control system hardware. The airplane has a 52 ½” wingspan and 593 square inches of wing area. The kit includes an adjustable leadout guide and a weightbox. The center ribs are Eppler 479 airfoil, the other ribs are Eppler 479 airfoil from the leading edge to the spar. The wing is 2.2” thick at the spar. The design was built around an an engine the size of an OS LA46, or  an Enya 45 Model 6001. The tank installs from the front with the engine removed. The tank compartment is 4.24” long between the bulkheads, it fits a standard 1” tall 2” wide tank.


Span: 52.5″

Area: 593

Engine: .45 – .53

Price: $231.50

Type: Builtup