Swift 614

The Swift 614 is designed for Precision Aerobatic competition. The airplane has a 52” wingspan and 614 square inches of wing area. The rib profile is Eppler 473, 16.9% thick at 21.2% of the chord. The inboard flap is 1/8” larger at the tip than the outboard flap. The Horizontal Stabilizer has 1o angle of incidence. The Elevator is 1/16” thinner than the Horizontal Stabilizer. The horizontal tail is 27.5% of the wing area. The airplane has the appearance of an old design, but it is designed to give a good introduction to Precision Aerobatics. The kit does not contain the control system hardware or the canopy. The CAD plans show all parts full size


Span: 52″

Area: 614

Engine: .45-.60

Price: $296.24

Type: Builtup