The Twin Ringmaster is a twin engine twin fuselage Ringmaster for .15 to .20 engines. The airplane has a 54 1/2″ wingspan¬†(12 1/2″ C/L fuselage to C/L fuselage) with 508 square inches of wing area. The rib profile is Eppler 479 in the straight section and modified Eppler 479 in the tapered outer portions. The wing is built with a partially formed leading edge and a spar with spar caps. The horizontal tail surfaces have the same area ratio to the wing as the S1. The plans are CAD plans with all parts shown full size. The kits are laser cut with landing gear wire, nylon straps for the landing gear and bellcrank . The airplane has an adjustable leadout guide and a weight box. The kit does not include any control system parts.


Span: 54 1/2″

Area: 508

Engine: TWIN .15 – .20

Price: $146.86

Type: Profile